Policy & Legal Drafting

Our experience here includes Legal and Regulatory Framework Development, Legislative Drafting, Policy and Advisory work on Concession Agreements and PPPs.

We have vast experience in policy formulation and regulatory framework development within the East African Region. For example, in Somalia, we have assisted the Federal Government of Somalia with the drafting of several laws. We are known for our work in the Horn of Africa region, having acquired considerable on-the-ground experience in these countries and knowledge on their legal and regulatory frameworks.

Aside from working with governments, we also have experience working with international financial institutions and agencies.

Some of our Policy and Drafting experience
  • Acting in for the World Bank and Federal Government of Somalia in the formulation and drafting of the Somali Company Law, which has since been passed in the House of Parliament of the Federal Government of Somalia.
  • Reviewed and drafted several legislations for Somalia’s Federal Government. We were consultants to the German Development Agency (GIZ). Our work included drafting the Roads Law and updating the Axle Load Law Traffic Code.
  • Reviewed the export and import requirements of companies involved in the trade of agro-products and agricultural inputs in Sudan for the IFC.
  • Advised Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland and South Africa on the harmonisation of their investment laws to make their customs union attractive to foreign investors.
  • Supported the Federal Government of Somalia through a World Bank funded project on the development of Mobile Money Regulations and several other financial sector laws.
  • Reviewed a draft Bill for the Water Sector in Marsabit County, Kenya

Sheila Cadogan, sheila@amgjillo.com